May 2010

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Those that know me know that there's another Carolyn Capalbo out there; one with a notorious daughter. This little fact has complicated my life, particularly online, where the other Carolyn Capalbo dominates the search results when users type in my name.

To help me get my name back, Real Estate Webmasters and a wonderful community of Realtors have pitched in to help by having a contest to help me rank higher in the search engines.

The response has been amazing, with realtors from around the country showing their support by blogging and spreading the word online. To all those who participate, thank you so much! As you know, reputation means a lot in the real estate industry, and I'm so grateful to get mine back.

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Taking a break or a window of opportunity!

Buyers are taking a break!  Unbelievable as it may seem, just 2 weeks ago, buyers were stepping all over each other, offering higher than ask and appraised value for homes and battling it out in multiple offer situations to capitalize on the Governments tax credit.  And now, it appears that buyers are taking a break.  Showings have dropped by 40% on our current inventory.  We have homes available without any offers for purchase.  That would have been unheard of just 2 weeks ago.  Interest rates are still amazing!!  So how much has the promise of a tax credit influenced the buyer market? 

If you are a person waiting to purchase a home; NOW is the time to act.  If an $8000 tax credit is the only

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