July 2010

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Was it a tornado or a micro burst that tore down 3 huge oak trees today in Lake Manassas.  Earlier today, Lake Manassas was ravaged by a severe thunderstorm and possible tornado or micro burst.  The winds and rain were ferocious.  I watched as tree limbs and leaves flew past my window in a short but violent burst that lasted maybe a minute or two.  My team members, Barb and Tave Costa were showing a beautiful home here in the community.  They called me to tell me that they and our clients were blocked in by the fallen giant oak trees.  They were not kidding.  Three giant oak trees reportedly over 150 years old had snapped by the fierce winds during the storm.  Their vehicles were blocked by the trees.  Luckily no one was injured when the trees came

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Until fairly recently, a good number of home owners were spending serious money on lavish home improvements, with the focus on increasing the value of their property. But with the current condition of the housing market, many people are opting to stay in their houses, and do some remodeling that actually add benefits to their day-to-day lives, as opposed to the future marketability of the home.

So, rather than thinking about how you can make our homes more attractive to cash-wielding strangers, a huge number of home owners are simply changing a few things to make their existing home, a sweeter home. And thankfully, many Americans are ensuring that these remodels and spruce-ups, whatever their size, are being done to a sensibly managed budget.

Of course, the…
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