December 2010

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As the season rolls on, Northern Virginia residents will be anticipating some pretty extreme winter weather in the coming weeks. For many homeowners, the burden of paying those increasing energy bills during the colder spells can certainly make the holiday season seem a bit less merry. Old windows and doors can let so much warm air out and cold air in, while poorly insulated roofs will add significantly to the cost of keeping the home fires burning.

If you've been thinking of improving your property's comfort and energy efficiency, help may be at hand, but only until December 31. The Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit initiative, officially comes to a close at the end of the month but there is still time to take advantage for those

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It costs more to rent a home in many Northern Virginia communities than it does to purchase that same home.  This reversal in trend sets an interesting precedence.  The current market has seen a sharp decline in buyer activity over the past 60 days.  Buyer confidence is down as fears surrounding a potential increase in foreclosure inventory and title concerns prevent many would be buyers from acting now.  In addition, many folks have been through foreclosure and short sales and are now part of the rental/tenant market place.  This is driving demand for rental units up.  Many would be buyers are waiting to see what happens after the first of the year and foreclosure moratoriums are lifted, they are opting to rent instead of committing to a purchase at…
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