June 2016

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Prior to becoming a top Real Estate professional in Northern Virginia, I was a very successful Financial Specialist in the Banking world.  I often helped families review their personal finances, budget, and plan for the future.  Most families do not plan for life events or upgrades in their lifestyles until the emotional requirements or the physical necessity occurs.  Many people may take advantage of retirement planning; however, they do not stop and think about planning for life or everyday living. 

Many of the clients I work with are in the midst of a major shift in their life.  A growing family with changing needs, a shrinking family as children move out on their own, are examples.  These are everyday life occurrences; however the housing

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One of my challenges as a Financially Savvy Realtor, and former Banker is witnessing how casually most people manage their finances, their assets and liabilities.  Many families are not aware of ways to improve their financial and housing position.  I am going share a series of actual client experiences to highlight how I have assisted families over the years to improve on their finances and their living situations.  In many cases, I have helped families move to larger homes and save money in the process.  I hope I can open your eyes to a better financial approach towards your home and ultimately a better lifestyle! 

Client Experience 1

I helped a Single Professional living in a Condo that she purchased in 2012.  She paid $230,000 and it is estimated to

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