June 2018

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Condominiums are a great choice of home and offer many conveniences.  Condominiums are typically a more economical entry into the housing market.  Land costs, the closer into Washington DC, are astronomical.  To be able to afford a home on a parcel of land will typically cost more than owning a condominium.  Condominium ownership is really a type of ownership versus a style of home.  Perhaps you are searching a high rise building or a townhouse styled condominium.  The facts remain that you are purchasing the interior space of the unit and not the exterior walls or grounds.  Since you are only committing to the purchase of the interior space of the unit, you will be required to be a part of the Condominium Association and pay significant fees and dues to

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When you have no outstanding debts, life is quite liberating and much less stressful.  Do you dream of the day when you are debt free?  There is tremendous power and wealth building opportunities for those that are committed to removing debt from their lives and building passive wealth through multiple investment vehicles, including real estate.  Sometimes utilizing debt to remove debt can be a great strategy.  This is a unique debt consolidation strategy that uses a revolving equity line of credit to accelerate debt payment.  Here’s an example of how it works.  For your specifics, please reach out to me and we can come up with a winning plan for you.  This is a great strategy for those that wish to buy a new home and are not able to afford more or find a

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