Amazed by the Real Estate Buyer Psychology…

Posted by Carolyn A. Capalbo on Saturday, October 25th, 2014 at 4:31pm.

It always amazes me how the average buyer rushes to purchase in the heat of a Seller’s market and then they sit on the side lines in the midst of a market shift or Buyer’s market.  One would think that buyers would come out in droves when there is ample inventory and a decline in buyer activity to take advantage of lower prices and inventory selection. But unfortunately, home buyers do not act in a way to take advantage of these market changes.  Investors in the stock market take advantage of dips and rush to buy during a down turn.  Why don’t buyers in a real estate buyer’s market do the same?  I believe that most buyers do not look at their home purchase as an investment as an investor in the stock market looks at their stock investments.  The purchase of a home is much too emotional and in most cases not logical.  Many Sellers wait until the spring time to list their homes for sale and find that they are typically selling their homes at a 5% to 7% premium over fall sellers.  Why do buyers wait until spring to pay this premium?  I try to coach my buyers.  l believe that now is the time to buy a home.  I try to coach my step up or move up Sellers that this is their best opportunity to list their homes and buy a larger home.  Fall sellers are often more motivated and more flexible with home sale contingencies and concessions.  Prior to becoming an industry leading Real Estate Professional, I was a Financial Specialist with a major bank.  I often helped people manage their financing, budget, and investments.  I am happy to sit down with my clients to show them how they can step up and even save money by reallocating their financial resources.  Please let me know if you would like me to work with you to evaluate your buying or selling opportunities.  Let me show you where the best bargains and deals are today!

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