Buy Now and Save ~7%!

It always amazes me when a fall website inquiry tells me that they are waiting until spring to purchase a home.  This is a phenomenon that occurs every year.  Why would one wait for an opportunity to buy a house for ~7% more?  Spring sellers are typically less motivated than Fall sellers and may not be willing to negotiate on price and terms.  In addition, more buyers flock to the market and this competition among buyers drives up prices.  Every year during late summer through early winter prices drop and relinquish some of their spring time gains.  This drop is ~7%.  If you are considering purchasing a $400,000 home, anticipate paying $428,000 in April for the same home you could have purchased for $400,000 in December.  This equates to ~$135.00 per month at a 4% mortgage interest rate.  So if you are considering a Spring Purchase this year, why not save significant money and buy now, in the fall/winter?

Your home is not just a place to live, it is a great investment.  Let me show you how to be financially prudent while shopping for your next home!  Search Homes Now!

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