Easy Credit?

Confucius said “He who will not economize will have to agonize.”  These words ring very true today.  An alarming trend is continuing.  I read that consumer debt rose again last month.  In a time when foreclosures are on the rise and the US economy is poised for another potential dip, climbing consumer or credit card debt is not good news.   The economy reported growth last month; however, is current consumer spending relying on credit, instead of income growth, to expand the economy?  This underlying trend will keep us from a true recovery as we put off debt reduction and spur growth on borrowed dollars.  Income must rise again to allow healthy consumer spending to return.   Households should be taking a conservative approach to ride this troubled economic cycle.  Personal savings should rise and spending should fall in line with income.  We obviously have not learned much from the current crisis as many households are spending above their incomes and facing defaults on several levels.  Bail outs will not re-build America.  Recovery starts with personal responsibility and accountability.  Ironically, I received 3 offers from credit card companies today wanting to extend me credit.  This is what started this mess to begin with, we have not learned from our past mistakes.  How many offers for easy credit did you receive today?  Respond and let me know!

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