Growing Up In Lake Manassas

Posted by Carolyn A. Capalbo on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 10:26pm.

Growing Up in Lake Manassas:

Growing up and living in Lake Manassas was a great experience for me.  I spent the last six years of my life living in Lake Manassas, and could not be happier with the experiences and opportunities that living in Lake Manassas gave me.  I moved to Lake Manassas with my family when I was 12 years old, and although I am not currently residing in Lake Manassas as I am now attending college in Massachusetts, Lake Manassas is still considered my home for many great reasons.  For instance, I made many of my close friends in Lake Manassas due to my participation on the summer swim team.  There is nothing better to bring a community together than neighborhood swim meets and pool parties.  Also, everyone is Lake Manassas is very friendly, open and neighborly.  During the snoverload that the DC area received a few winters ago, all the neighbors in Lake Manassas helped each other with shoveling snow, lending snow blowers and even turning tractor lawn mowers into plows to help plow the sidewalks and driveways.  Some of my fondest memories come from neighborhood football parties, where everyone would bring a dish and watch the Redskins battle it out on the football field.  In general, Lake Manassas is a very tight-nit community, which I think is one of its most positive attributes.  Finally, one of the best improvements to Lake Manassas over the last few years was the establishment of Wegmans and the Shoppes at Stonewall shopping center literally two seconds down the road!  There were many nights where my mom and I ran to Wegmans at 5 o'clock and threw something together for dinner (pre-made meals at Wegmans are delicious and great for when you have nothing planned for dinner!)  Also, just going to Wegmans and catching up with friends over a cup of coffee or iced tea was always something that I enjoyed doing.  Overall, growing up in Lake Manassas exposed me to meeting new people, making great friends and most importantly many fond memories.  I love Lake Manassas and honestly cannot wait to come back home from school this summer to once again be a part of such an amazing community!  

Marina Capalbo


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