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Posted by Carolyn A. Capalbo on Sunday, June 26th, 2016 at 3:53pm.


Prior to becoming a top Real Estate professional in Northern Virginia, I was a very successful Financial Specialist in the Banking world.  I often helped families review their personal finances, budget, and plan for the future.  Most families do not plan for life events or upgrades in their lifestyles until the emotional requirements or the physical necessity occurs.  Many people may take advantage of retirement planning; however, they do not stop and think about planning for life or everyday living. 

Many of the clients I work with are in the midst of a major shift in their life.  A growing family with changing needs, a shrinking family as children move out on their own, are examples.  These are everyday life occurrences; however the housing piece of these occurrences are seldom planned or thought through.  Most of the time working with these families, they are motivated buyers and sellers.  They often sell at a discount or buy at a premium to overcome their challenges with their current housing.  What I would love to do is help families focus on buying and selling when the market or their timing is optimal.  What I also love doing is helping families review their financial picture to maximize their resources to achieve or exceed their goals.  

This past spring we helped several families re-evaluate their budget and found ways to help them move up from a townhouse to a larger single family that better accommodated their needs and/or goals.  We found ways through budgeting and financial realignment to save money and improve lifestyles.  My favorite was helping a family move from a townhouse to a lovely single family home while saving over $800 per month on their family budget.  This family, in particular, purchased their home in 2008 and enjoyed good property value appreciation.  We were able to purchase a single family home for about $100,000 more than the price of the home that they sold.  We were also able to payoff student loan debt, car debt, and credit card debt.  This family now also has an extra $800 per month cushion for savings!  We also helped a growing family move from a condominium to a lovely single family home.  This family did not enjoy a large equity position improvement; however, they did have good income and were able to clear $20,000 from the sale of their condo in Gainesville.  They purchased a beautiful single family resale in Dominion Valley and used their proceeds to cover part of their moving and down payment expenses. 

I am always happy to meet with families to review and assess their financial budget and goals.  Everyday living should play an important role in our financial planning.  My time and expertise are yours, just give me a call and let me help you plan for life and not just retirement through real estate.

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