How to Be an Opportunistic Buyer| How to Be an Opportunistic Seller Today in Gainesville VA

Prior to becoming a top Real Estate professional in Northern Virginia, I was a very successful Financial Specialist in the Banking world.  I often helped families review their personal finances, budget, and plan for the future.  It has always amazed me that most families do not plan for life events or upgrades in their lifestyles until the emotional requirements or the physical necessity occurs.  Many people may take advantage of retirement planning; however, why don’t we stop and think about life planning? 

What do I mean about life planning, especially in regards to Real Estate?  Employers provide incentives for their employees to save for retirement.  Financial Planners work and help people save for their golden years; however, often times forget that we have 20, 30 or even 40 years or more to live before getting to our retirement years.  How do we plan to enjoy and thrive in these decades of living?  Timing may be everything.  How often do financial planners sit down with their clients in their late 20’s and early 30’s and advise on the best time to buy or sell a principal residence?  How often do they chat about the functionality of a home as family requirements change?  Most of the clients I work with are in the midst of a major shift in their life.  A growing family, with changing needs, a shrinking family as children move out on their own are examples.  These are everyday life occurrences; however the housing piece of these occurrences are seldom planned or thought through.  Most of the time working with these families, they are motivated buyers and sellers.  They often sell at a discount or buy at a premium to overcome their challenges with their current housing.  What if these buyers and sellers worked to become opportunistic buyers and sellers and focused on buying and selling when the market is optimal? 

Today’s Gainesville market is a great opportunity for families who currently live in a home that commands a listing price under $400,000.  This market segment is currently experiencing a Seller’s Market.  Average days on market are less than 90 days and there is an inventory shortage with less than 2 months’ inventory supply.  Interest rates are at all-time lows.   First time buyers are demanding inventory in this location at this price point.  The best news for these potential sellers is that their step up alternatives are amazing.  Inventory priced between $400,000 and $800,000 is facing a strong buyer’s market.  There is an abundance/over-supply of inventory.  There are numerous motivated sellers willing to offer assistance, price reductions, and great deals to sell their homes.  Many would be sellers have great equity and their step up to a larger home that can suit a growing needs.  Many of these families also can use their released equity to realign their debt and have no impact to their monthly expenditures. 

I am always happy to provide a free home financial review and market over view.  I have helped hundreds of families achieve their housing and financial goals.  Click here to contact me for a free consultation.

Gainesville Market $400,000 and under or Perfect to consider a step up


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