How To Earn a 245% Return on $28,000 Invested in the Northern Virginia Area in 5 Years

Do you have $28,000 for a down payment on an investment property in the Northern Virginia area?  I have found some great investment opportunities that will yield $450 per month cash flow with $28,000 invested!  That’s a 20% return on cash flow of $28,000 invested.  Interested? 

Property Values are appreciating at 4% per year in this area.  If the initial purchase price of the home is $140,000, the anticipated market value of the home will be $170,000 after 5 years of 4% appreciation.  Your tenant would have paid off $11,500 on your mortgage.  Your cash flow revenue at $450 per month would be $27,000 in 5 years.  Barring any major repairs, all other operating costs have been figured into these numbers.  Your return after 5 years would be $68,500 on your initial $28,000 invested.  That’s a 245% return in 5 years.  And that does not include any potential tax benefits from owning a rental home!

I have found great options nearby that rent for $1150 to $1200 per month that cost less than $150,000.  Many of these options are move in ready while some need some minor renovations and sweat equity!  Build your wealth through someone else paying your mortgage and allowing your home’s value to rise through appreciation.  This is a great place to start building your real estate empire!  Let me show you these homes and get you started investing in real estate today!

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