Northern VA Condos: A Wide Variety of Home Styles

Often when homebuyers hear the word “condo” the image that comes to mind is apartment styled units. This style of condo is prevalent in Northern VA and provides one level living and is often seen in high rise buildings. These high rises often come with many amenities to include pools, concierge services, secured entry, grounds maintenance, on site gym facilities, sports courts, ect. Many of these high rise, one level style condos are found in the more urban areas closer to Washington DC, for example units like these in Arlington or these in Alexandria.

Many purchasers in the house hunt fail to realize is that condominium is a type of ownership, not a style of home. Condominiums can come in many different styles to include duplex, stacked townhouse style as well as single family homes. Often single family homes in senior communities are considered condominium ownership.  With condo ownership, often the condo fees are a bit higher than those of an HOA fee found with fee simple ownership communities. However, these fees cover a wide range of services and amenities. In addition, a condo owner may not incur the expense of having to replace a roof or exterior maintenance as this will typically be the responsibility of the condo management company. As such, condominiums are often considered low-maintenance living.

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