Northern Virginia Foreclosures| A Great Investment Opportunity in Uncertain Times

Posted by Carolyn A. Capalbo on Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 8:46am.

The equity markets are currently plagued with losses and instability following China’s recent strong push to devalue its currency as China’s economic growth significantly wanes.  Experts are saying that China’s economic growth is significantly slower that being reported and the Chinese Stock Market, Shanghai Composite is crashing causing instability and sharp market corrections across the globe.  US stocks fell 888 points last week and the futures are pointing towards a down day yet again today.  Money is pouring out of stocks and remaining in cash reserves with little or no return.  Large institutional investors control the stock markets and volatility can wreak havoc on small individual investors.  Real Estate investing may be an answer to those worried about a volatile global stock crisis.  Northern Virginia Foreclosures may offer a good return for the savvy investor.  Currently, REO property can be found at an approximate 3% to 5% discount to traditional resales.  Investors should consider a long term hold with good cash flow as an alternative to stocks at this time.  Current tax incentives may be applicable as well as steady returns with appreciation opportunity.  While real estate is a more “hands on” investment vehicle, it is still one of the best ways for building wealth in America.   The challenges with purchasing a foreclosure can be offset by market opportunities. Understanding how to maximize your returns is also paramount for investor success in REO transactions.  It is not always about buying 20% to 30% below market for a sound investment.  With so much stock market uncertainty, stable and steady 3% to 8% returns maybe the best investment vehicle for your portfolio.  Reach out to me for great Foreclosure purchasing strategies to round out your portfolio or if you would like to learn more about Real Estate Investing and Foreclosure opportunities in Northern Virginia.  If you would like to search Northern Virginia Foreclosures, CLICK HERE!

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