Sell My House! 5 Simple Steps

Posted by Carolyn A. Capalbo on Monday, March 6th, 2017 at 9:47am.

One of the things that I am often asked as a REALTOR is by homeowners who want to sell. They want to sell FAST and for TOP DOLLAR. They want to be inconvenienced as little as possible in the process. 

Sell My House!

There are typically five steps to getting this accomplished. These steps seem simple,but each on is pretty crucial to a great outcome. 

Clean and Declutter - We all live in our homes. Stuff accumulates over time. When a person comes to visit your home looking to buy it, they are often mentally moving their stuff into your home in their mind. If your home is clean and open, they will actually picture themselves in it. They will be able to see their stuff fit there.  I walk through homes with people every week, so I have a finely tuned "radar" as to what turns them off and what you don't need to worry about. I am happy to help you know which stuff to remove and which stuff is fine to keep. 

Minor Fixups - Another thing that you NEED to do is to a number of fixups. Electrical switch plates, touch up painting, a minor door handle issue, there are any number of issues that can turn a buyer off. Again this is where I can walk through a help you with a checklist of things that matter the most, things that would be nice to do, and things that you don't need to worry about. My experience is that you will either fall into one of two groups, either you will think there are way MORE fixups to be done than are actually needed and stress over them or you will not see some that are easy to fix but important. Either way, let me put your mind at ease. 

Price it Right - This is one of the most important steps. It is also where I can often be of the most help. The goal is to price your home STRATEGICALLY so that you get the most money and sell the home in the time frame that you want. So this STARTS by understanding what your time frame is. That's one of the reasons than an online automated home value estimate is really not helpful and almost never accurate. 

Not only can those pricing tools NOT see the interior of your home (or anyone elses), they also have no idea about the current listings that compete with yours. They do not take into account how fast you want to sell, or how many offers are coming in on similar homes. They are (for the most part) just looking at the size and area of your home. 

I take all of that into account and I provide you with a no cost, complete Market Analysis that guides you to what the price should be to list your home for sale. I also provide you with a solid idea of what that price will "net" you after the home is sold. Call me today for a complete market analysis. No cost or obligation, just the help that you need.

Get Exposure - This is a big factor that your REALTOR needs to get right. In today's online real estate world, there are many little things that can be done to get you the MOST exposure for your home. Subtle changes in your photographs, how your home is listed, where it is on the web, and many other strategies ALL play in to how much exposure it receives and how many showings you get. 

Like pricing, and all of this other steps, it is crucial that you get this right the first time. I will be happy to not just tell you what I CAN do, but more importantly what is needed to market your home and bring potential buyers to you. 

Represent it Properly and Professionally - The final part of these 5 steps is to present your home properly. This means having the experience to work with other REALTORS who show your home so that the selling process goes smoothly. Getting an offer is just the start. You would be amazed at the number of little things from buyers having trouble getting financing to home inspection issues, to contract issues of what stays with the house when it is sold that trip up a sale and make it more difficult.

This is where experience counts. An experienced agent that sells as many homes as we do not only has worked with MANY of the other REALTORS in the area (and has a good reputation with them) but also knows how to better avoid the pitfalls and pot holes on the road to getting your home sold. 

Let us meet with you today and discuss getting your home sold. No cost or obligation, just the help that you need as you are planning your move.

Carolyn Capalbo, Best Northern VA REALTORCarolyn Capalbo,
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